Episode 9 – Desi divorce discussion – Too much to handle
October 09, 2022

In this brutally honest and deeply moving sixth interview in the Desi Divorce Discussion series, I’m speaking with Usha, who I know through a friend. She read my book, Rewriting My Happily Ever After – a memoir of divorce and discovery, and then connected with me via email. When I requested her to be guest on my podcast, she readily agreed.

Usha lives in the UK and has had a life that has been full of ups and downs. Yet, despite the difficulties she faced as a young woman and mother trying her best to make a life for herself and secure custody of her child, she was willing to talk about it on the podcast.

The point of the  desi divorce discussions on this podcast, is to shed light on the various types of divorce stories that are out there. Much has changed since the nineties when Usha struggled to provide evidence that she could be a single mother AND provide for child. But the sad reality is that women are still hesitant to step out of unhappy marriages and continue to be judged, manipulated and coerced into toeing the line.

From a young age Usha was branded as ‘too much” for having an unbridled zest for life and love for learning and pushing boundaries. Usha’s story is one of passion, enthusiasm for life and an eagerness to learn and improve and add value to herself. Her journey took her from Chennai to the middle-east and then to the UK where she now lives. She remarried after her divorce and is now widowed.

While Usha’s life has been marked by years of struggle it has also been redeemed by moments of transcendence. It is a story that everyone needs to listen if you want to know what the long road of life after divorce holds.

Usha’s three-pronged advice to women who hesitate to leave an unhappy marriage is exactly what women need today:

  1. Know who you are
  2. Know what you want from life
  3. Decide what it is you are willing to give up

Listen to Usha’s story of her long fight to have access to her child and how she kept moving following her soul’s guidance.

Whether you are thinking about divorce, have left an unhappy marriage or are curious about how women fare after divorce, do listen and let me know your thoughts.

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