Episode 2 – What is the goal for my book?
April 26, 2022

“It’s never too late – in fiction or in life – to revise” ~ Nancy Thayer

In the second episode of the podcast, I want to answer two questions that I was asked when I sent the final draft of my book, Rewriting My Happily Ever After – a memoir of divorce and discovery, to beta readers. 

  • Is a book (and/or a podcast) about divorce really needed?

After all, divorce is common in India and the Indian diaspora.

  • What is the goal for my book?

My goal was to write and publish my book. But did my book itself have a goal?

The short answer to the first question is that while divorce is becoming increasingly common, talking about divorce in Indian/South Asian communities continues to be taboo.

And for the second question, my book was written as a way to encourage conversations about divorce instead of hiding it under a veil of silence.

There’s more in this episode including a special excerpt from my book. And also an introspective question as you start your journey to rewriting YOUR happily ever after.

Do listen and let me know your thoughts.

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