Episode 10 – Desi Divorce Discussion – Hold yourself steady
October 30, 2022

The seventh interview in the Desi Divorce Discussion series features a friend, Dr. Priya, who was also my colleague in Hyderabad. During the years we spent at our workplace, I was going through my separation phase, followed by divorce while Priya was married. Later when she went through a divorce, she reached out and I shared some of my experiences. She has read my book Rewriting My Happily Ever After – a memoir of divorce and discovery, and left a generous review on Amazon. Today, she speaks about her journey.

Through this podcast, my goal has been to showcase the various situations in which women find themselves when it comes to choosing to get a divorce despite their personal situations and limitations.

Have you ever wondered why professionally qualified, financially independent women who have been brave about their other choices hesitate to walk away from their marriage and how they finally come decide that they need to move on to a better life?

In this episode, Dr. Priya shares her story and sheds light on what makes a highly qualified and ambitious medical doctor stay in her unhappy marriage for eleven years. In Priya’s case, there were no children involved, yet the decision to go for a divorce was not an easy one.  Listen to this interview to find out more.

As an only child of her doting parents, Priya continued to hold out the hope that her marital life would improve long after it was clear that she was the only one dedicated to the marriage despite a very rocky relationship with her in-laws. She was distraught the day she filed for divorce. Watching how this step to end her marriage changed people’s perception of her and her social standing was painful.

Yet Priya found satisfaction in her work and solace in the other activities she undertook as she tried to pull herself together as her marriage collapsed. She moved cities and changed jobs and continued to work towards financial independence and provide support to her ageing parents.

Priya’s advice to women who are going through a divorce is to face the hardships that come but to remain steadfast and hold yourself steady. “You may lose your sleep, you may lose your health, but don’t lose your balance.” she says. She insists that asking for help is essential to rebuild your life and knowing who to ask for the kind of help is a necessary step in healing and moving on.

Listen to how Priya figured out her life once she decided to go for a divorce. You will find it inspiring.

Whether you are thinking about divorce, have left an unhappy marriage or are curious about how women fare after divorce, do listen and let me know your thoughts.

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