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Rewriting YOUR Happily Ever After is a podcast for people who are considering, going through, or have obtained a divorce in a culture that is not supportive. If you are ready for a fresh start, grab a cup of chai as we unpack life during and after marriage, separation, and divorce and what keeps many women stuck in unhappy marriages. Get ready to discuss, debate and take the first step to joyfully reclaiming your authentic life.

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It is never too late to rewrite

your happily ever after.

Hi. I’m Dr. Ranjani Rao, author of Rewriting My Happily Ever After, a memoir of divorce and discovery. I have climbed the mountain of doubts and suffered the heartbreak of divorce. The hardest part of my journey was the silence about this major life event. Let us break the stigma and shame of divorce through conversation. Join me as I share personal stories, interview interesting guests and offer practical resources for your journey of self-discovery as you rewrite your happily ever after.

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An honest what-next chronicle of a woman’s life after she steps out of a long marriage and builds a new life as a single parent. An uplifting story of gratitude and forgiveness, of grace and courage that serves as proof that it is possible to rewrite your own happily-ever-after despite unexpected detours.

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