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April 20, 2021

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” ~ Anais Nin

I have been writing for a while, almost 20 years now, with breaks that mark the points where the tsunami of life overpowered my best intentions.

Although I have dabbled in short stories and write op-eds, I love writing personal essays. Unlike many fiction writers who hesitate to write about their private lives, I enjoy the challenge of holding up a magnifying glass to my own life. Perhaps it’s the scientist in me, who is curious to observe, dissect, and make sense of long forgotten memories and connect a trail of breadcrumbs that lead from my past and shine a light on the future.

As Ananis Nin, the French-American writer has expressed so eloquently, writing gives me the pleasure of savoring my life twice, in the living and in the writing. Through the long lens of time and the wisdom of hindsight, the act of writing also gives me the opportunity to understand events and experiences that have shaped me.

When I embarked on writing my memoir late in 2020, I wasn’t sure how a long project such as this would come to fruition. Like any worthwhile endeavor, I knew it would take time and effort, patience and persistence, but it would also require support. Instead of relying on my inner circle, I decided to cast a wide net by sending out a newsletter to document my writing journey. By publicly declaring accountability to an unknown audience, I pushed myself to take on this big task.

The last four months have been exciting. The book is taking shape. Individual chapters that were once floating clouds on my dreamy horizon have accumulated into a manuscript of more than 50,000 words. The edges are still jagged and the insides are a bit raw, but I have everything I need to begin the task of polishing it into a cohesive whole.

My newsletter is short because I know you are busy. However, I now feel compelled to share more details about the ‘why’ of my book, the back stories, the inspirations, and the struggles. If you are keen to dig deeper into the creative process and practical aspects of a writer’s life, watch this space.

I will tell you about the insistent voice that has been urging me to share my story. I will describe my doubts and the inordinate delays and excuses I have made thus far. From tackling the tyranny of time to overcoming my phobia of social media, I will take you on the journey with me as I carve out a book-shaped space in my life that includes a job, a family and other distractions.

Stay tuned for a new category – Writing Life – on my blog. It is about life – living it, and it is about writing – about life.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards” ~ Søren Kierkegaard

Today I write, so that tomorrow I may understand.

Hope to see you around. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a note in comments or better still, send me an email. 

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