How Yoga Helped Me Become a Better Writer
August 23, 2022
yoga mat

“It’s always easy to spot the new moms,” my colleague said with a wink and a smile, pointing to the tell-tale drool marks on my left shoulder.

“I had to come here to be stressed enough to need it,” I replied haughtily.

My initiation into the ancient practice of yoga began on that tart note.

From yoga I have learnt one lesson – it is more important to show up than show off. This philosophy continues to serve me well as a writer.

Originally published on Medium

Photo credit: Unsplash

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  1. Debashis Gupta

    “It is more important to show up than show off” – what an age to live by! Yes, nothing great was ever done without a high degree persistence, notwithstanding allusions to ‘inborn genius’. Personally, my short daily Yoga practice has also helped keep the body ticking along and the mind (hopefully) a bit calmer that it otherwise would be. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ranjani Rao

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with yoga!


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