A Bouquet of Essays on Motherhood for Mother’s Day
May 02, 2021
Mother's Day quote

It seems unbelievable that there was a time in my life when I wondered if I would be blessed with a child.

Motherhood has been the biggest game-changer in my life. 

I am not alone in feeling this way. 

The deeply personal yet universal experience of motherhood is a transformative one.

Over the years I have written a lot about motherhood.

Here is a collection of eight essays that you may enjoy:

1. The rocky road to motherhood – Published on Medium

Miscarriage was not my last struggle as a woman, it was my first 

2. How cultural nuances shape motherhood – Published in my book of essays titled Train Friends

How do I know that my mother loves me 

3. The contraindications of motherhood – Originally published in San Jose Mercury News, California

Roots and Wings 

4. About my mother, the mathematician – Published in Khabar Magazine

On motherhood and mathematics 

5. Prioritising writing amidst the other demands of mothering – Published in The Curious Reader

How I make time to write as a working mom 

6. Every child is brought up by an army of well-wishers – Published in India Currents, California

It takes a village to raise a child 

7. Answering the toughest question of all, from your own child – Published in Mutha magazine

 Why do people have children 

8. Becoming a link between the past and the future

Celebrating the bond that goes beyond mother and child

The eighth essay on motherhood that was featured in The Straits Times, Singapore on 9 May 2021.

9. How not to be a superhero and other lessons from my mothering journey

Lessons from mom school 

Stay tuned for details on my social media platforms.

And – Happy Mother’s Day!!

Do share your stories, either as a child or a parent, in comments. I will be thrilled to hear from you.


Photo credit Ranjani Rao

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