Change Begins With Choice
October 30, 2022

The odd thing about changing your life is that it doesn’t always begin quite where you expect it to ~ Lucy Kellaway

Whenever we reach a milestone, the question we get asked most often is – what next?

Even before you catch your breath or take a few moments to celebrate – publicly or privately, this question pops up.

I’m facing the same situation now.

It’s been a year since my book Rewriting My Happily Ever After, a memoir of divorce and discovery was launched. It makes me happy that my story of separation, divorce and rebuilding my new life as a single parent has resonated and helped many readers.

Even today I get heartfelt messages from women in similar situations who feel hopeful after reading my story and offer to buy me coffee or a meal when we meet in person.  This is the high point for me.

❤️ Every such message makes my day.

A big thank you to all readers who left reviews, reached out and recommended/gifted my book to those who needed it.

Reading a book is not the same as changing your life

Despite the fact that divorce is becoming more common, many women still hesitate on the brink of taking the major life decision to leave their unhappy marriages because they are unsure of how to  create the peaceful life that they desire.

It’s like standing on the bank of a river filled with crocodiles that you need to cross to get over to the other bank where a tranquil world awaits.

Books and movies offer us a glimpse into what is possible but we feel stuck in our current situations, not sure if we can get from where we are to where we want to be.

Do you feel this way?

If yes, you are not alone. It is not the final destination that scares us, it is the knowledge that it involves change. And change is scary.

Change begins with choice 

Instead of thinking of change as a big mountain, how about we think of it as a choice. Like choosing a different path on your everyday walk. A small adjustment to your familiar routine. .

All change, no matter how large or small, begins with a choice.

❌ By saying no to the status quo

✅ By saying yes to a possibility that may seem distant and difficult to begin with

Change is not easy. Yet, without change, we will stagnate, shrivel and even rot, just as nature does.

Change may seem involuntary but choice is in our hands. Choice to move away from a situation that is untenable.

Movement is the basis fabric of life.

In the northern hemisphere, the leaves have begun to change color and move from the familiar greens and blaze into myriad shades of yellow, orange, red and every combination in between.

I have always been fascinated by this annual change that signals a response to an invisible inner calling.

A visual proof of how life forges ahead, again and again, in a bid to fulfill its destiny.

Often we stop ourselves from imagining the distant future of our dreams because we don’t know how to get from here to there. It seems too far, too ambitious, too unrealistic.

Yet. We must first begin to create that future in our minds before we can bring it to life.

My book was one such creation.

And years before that, my post-divorce life was just a dream that finally became real once I took the first step of leaving an unhappy marriage and began to put together the building blocks for a future that I wanted for myself.

A life where I could be myself. And be happy!

Getting from here to there

Many readers have told me how they felt empowered by my story and were motivated to make changes in their own lives but they needed a blueprint to get from where they were currently to a place they had imagined.

To help you move from confusion to clarity and take charge of your happiness, I am offering a companion journal for Rewriting My Happily Ever After. 

It is not just a book you buy and forget about but a process that includes a daily deliberate practise that won’t take more than fifteen minutes of your time each day. 

With inspiring quotes from my book and a daily reflective prompt, my words will be your companion as you “rewrite” your happily ever after.

Who is it for?

Anyone going through a relationship ‘reset’

What is this journal about?

This companion journal to the Rewriting My Happily Ever After will guide you to review, reframe and reclaim your new life.

How will this journal help you?

Once you sign up, you will receive a daily prompt for reflection that will move you towards clarity, give you courage, and provide you with a framework to rebuild YOUR happily ever after.

It is a self-paced email support – not a challenge, not a quick fix. The prompt in each email needs no more than fifteen minutes of your time to complete. If you need more time, you can choose when you want to receive the next prompt

Plus for this first cohort which starts from 1 Nov 2022, you can contact me at any time if you have questions. The email journal is available at a special discount now.

Click here to sign up for the Rewriting My Happily Ever After companion journal.

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