Desi Modern Love

Anthology; Non-fiction

“This will be a wedding with no checklists, no curious onlookers, no astrological consultations. I have invited the few people with whom I have shared my triumphs, people who would give me a shoulder to cry on instead of simply handing me a gift. I want a ceremony where the marriage endures long after the flowers wither, the music stops and the guests leave.”

While love is an emotion that is universally experienced, it is colored and nuanced by cultural context and setting. Inspired by the Modern Love column in the New York Times, this collection explores love as offered, received, and felt in the present time and within the Indian ethos.

Within this framework, there is a great deal of variation. The authors are from India, the United States, and Singapore. Accounts are about love in arranged marriage (of course!), marriage the second time around, a not-quite-romance in college. Along the way, you will encounter a wife who unfriends her husband on Facebook and an adoptive mother who worries about the well-being of the birth mother on Mother’s Day.

Download this anthology, grab a cup of coffee and a favorite cookie, and get transported into a deep exploration of love and acceptance.

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Story Artisan Press | Paperback & Ebook | 71 pages | ISBN: 978-981-14-2967-5 | August 19, 2019


The authors look beyond marital bliss with endearing recollections of Facebook friends, adoptive motherhood, loving a mother-in-law and a one-sided love that transcends expectations.


Loved the anthology . The stories have evocative imagery and a richness of emotions well told! Mills and Boons go take a walk .. this is the real stuff!


What a fantastic collection of love stories. A really touching book.

Angela Piexoto

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