Ranjani Rao is a trained scientist, a self-taught writer, yoga practitioner, and lifelong learner committed to an apprenticeship in observation. Originally from Mumbai, she spent her early adult life in the USA where she first began writing. Her fiction and non-fiction writing are inspired by her life in three countries and travels to thirty.

Her work has appeared in several print and digital publications in the USA, India and Singapore. Her essay titled, “The Girl With The Red Dot”, originally published on Alternet.org was chosen for inclusion in the Thomson Reader, a college-level English textbook.

She is the author of three books, a regular columnist for India Currents, an Indian-American magazine and The Straits Times, Singapore.

When not working or tackling the unread pile of books by her bedside, she goes for long walks in the nature reserve behind her home. She returns with either new ideas or pictures of wildlife that she shares on social media, much to the embarrassment of her children.

She lives with her family in Singapore and stoically bears the dubious distinction of being the only G-rated person in the household not inclined to binge-watch shows.

Want to learn more about Ranjani? Read her self-interview here.

My Books

Rewriting my happily after

An uplifting story of gratitude and forgiveness, of grace and courage that serves as proof that it is possible to rewrite your own happily-ever-after despite unexpected detours.

Rewriting my happily after

A series of sparkling, humorous essays highlighting the oft-neglected angst of the returning NRI – before, during, and after relocation.

Rewriting my happily after

A collection of insightful short stories about Indians living within and outside India, facing life choices that bring them to a new understanding of themselves.

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