Rewriting my happily after

“Once I leave my husband’s house, am I still a wife?”

Ranjani flies out of Mumbai as a young, starry-eyed bride anticipating an American-style Bollywood-version of her very own happily-ever-after. By thirty, she has a Ph.D., a green card and a daughter. Despite a rocky married life, Ranjani is secure in being somebody’s daughter, sister, wife, mother.

After the family’s return to India, when her home situation deteriorates, Ranjani walks out. While struggling with doubts, detours and unexpected loss, Ranjani learns to rebuild her new life and identity as a single parent.

Rewriting My Happily Ever After is an evocative, honest account of the aftermath of divorce in an unsupportive culture. Yet, this uplifting story of grace and courage shows how to build resilience and find happiness by being true to yourself.

Praise For The Book

“Ranjani Rao shows how to not only survive divorce without rancor and bitterness but how to thrive in a new and independent life.”
~Melissa Gouty, Author of The Magic of Ordinary

“A brave, intimate look at reclaiming life after divorce. A must-read for anyone who seeks to understand the aftermath of separation and divorce.”
~ Veena Rao, Author of Purple Lotus

“For an unfiltered view of the on-ground realities after a marriage breaks up and a roadmap of how to create a joyful, authentic life, read this book.”
~ Prachi Vaish, Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Ranjani Rao

Dr. Ranjani Rao is a trained scientist and a self-taught writer. She is the author of three books. Her award-winning personal essays and op-eds have appeared in several digital and print publications and anthologies.

Originally from Mumbai, India, Ranjani spent several years in the USA and now lives in Singapore with her family.

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Life does not oblige you by lining up events in the exact sequence you desire.

Ranjani Rao, Rewriting My Happily Ever After

"The empty room was a reminder that I could now begin to shape the space around me exactly as I wanted, literally and metaphorically."

Ranjani Rao, Rewriting My Happily Ever After

"As individuals, we make choices every day; how things unfold, depends, ultimately, on our attitude."

Ranjani Rao, No Longer NRI

"It is never too late to craft your new story, to chart your own path."

Ranjani Rao, Rewriting My Happily Ever After

"Choosing freedom, however difficult, over familiarity that was toxic, was always the correct choice"

Ranjani Rao, Rewriting My Happily Ever After

"What is life but a continuous and finite thread of time allotted to each of us?"

Ranjani Rao, No Longer NRI

"The worst thing about your life falling apart is that the world takes no notice."

Ranjani Rao, Rewriting My Happily Ever After

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